An initiative for entrepreneurship

Asturias Creative & Cultural Forum aims to improve the capabilities of entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sector, foster the relationships between the institutions and the professionals, propelling business cooperation, and the opening of new markets for local businesses and professionals.

Asturias Creative & Cultural Forum will develop some of its activities within the framework of Asturias Creative Pole.


To foster knowledge transfer through the exposition of experiences and reflections, two thematic panels will be configured, with the participation of reference entrepreneurs or professionals from the national and European environments.

  • Master class cocktail making/gastronomy
  • Financing panel


Networking Workshops, in addition to help with the knowledge sharing, aim to foster the creation of networks and collaborative synergies.

In this first edition of Asturias Creative & Cultural Forum there will be three workshops in which to analyze new creative and innovative proposals, new tendencies and internationalization experiences.

  • Audiovisual Workshop
  • Fashion Design Workshop
  • Innovation Workshop